Should I?

One night, my brain simply refused to let me sleep, and brought up this fact:

I'm not as shy as I once was.

And, my blog does not reflect how shy I still am.

I mean, I can attempt to actually talk to people I know in a public setting, which was not possible a year or two ago. Granted, I still prefer a good book to a party, but my point is, I'm getting more talkative(ish).

Which brings me to the conclusion that a blog name-change is in order.

I don't really feel like changing it, but I sort-of want to. I know, that doesn't really make any sense, whatsoever.

So, basically, I'm asking y'all if I should change the name, and for name suggestions.

Based on what I sound like when I write, what should the name be?

I've thought about "Rustling Thoughts" or "Pages From A Bookworm", but what do y'all think?



  1. Yeah a name change might be good if this one doesn't really reflect you anymore. If you need suggestions I am always here!! I love coming up with names!! Of the two that you named however, 'Rustling Thoughts' is my favorite.

    1. Suggest away! Yeah, I think I like that one as well. :)

  2. If you think that you are changing like that, definatly change the blog name as well!! Blogs are kinda like our public journal, and so they should change and grow like we do.

    In regards to the names, I really like Rustling Thoughts. It still sounds a little introverted, but not as much as the current one... If that made sense!

  3. To tell the truth I was drawn to your blog name because I'm super introverted myself but I think it's great you're getting less shy!!

  4. Sure! I like the idea of changing it up:) To echo basically everyone else, I really like "Rustling Thoughts," and I'm scrambling trying to come up with a name suggestion but coming up blank;)

    1. Yeah, I think that's probably what I'll choose, if I can't think of anything else. :)

  5. um. *brainwave idea* how about "Thinking Pages" - I like Rustling Thoughts too.... but that came to mind randomly... :) I totally noticed on Tuesday - that you are so different from what you were when I met you some two odd years ago... :) you actually talked TO me... not me feeling bad for rambling on because I'm a talker (if you haven't noticed haha. )... it was SO awesome! I totally agree that you're becoming less shy! and, I like it! :P
    ~ Christy

    1. Hmmm.... Not so much "in like" with Thinking Pages, but it's an idea. I'll think about it.

      This is true. :)

    2. okay, well I like have now decided that I like Rustling Thoughts better. ha! :) can't wait to see how our friendship will grow in your 17th year. :) and my 16 1/2th and 17th. :)


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