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*emerges from hiding*

I have a treat for you! Snippets! 

(And don't worry, this is not the snippet post I have been promising ever since NaNo ended. Like, sheesh. That would have been a letdown. Anywho...)

Sare tagged me a while back. Ever since NaNo it's been making the rounds through the blogging community, and I had been interested in it. But I am a polite pirate and refuse to steal a tag unless it's a really good one that I haven't seen very much.

And we all know the drill. Answer the questions, then select a couple fabulous bloggers to carry it on.

1. Share your most gripping, fascinating, and hooking first line of a story. 

Hold up. Line? Only one line? *ditches that*

Dust and ash. Cloud. The stench of burnt-ness hovered in the stuffy air. Red was the horizon. Darkness everywhere else.
            A Queen sat on her throne. A creaky kind of crackly laugh ushered from her throat. Her eyes were watery, her hair long, loose, and dirty. Filth lined the cracks of her feet and hands. Streak marks from tears revealed pale skin. She drew her ragged cloak around her thin shoulders.
            “Master.” She hissed.
            A tall figure came from behind her throne. His eyes held fire, power fairly dripped off of him. Long cruel fingers clenched around her head.
He smiled. And her memories were gone.

2. Share a snippet that made you want to shout to the world that you're SO. HAPPY. 

*thinks* *digs through four different documents* (also, these are not all from the same story, jsyk)

“Brec! What are you doing here?”
“Ok, first of all, that’s not my real name. Where I come from, they call me Jax. I am not your twin brother, you never had a twin, and-”
“If you’re not my brother, then who are you, and where did you come from?”
“I told you, my name is Jax. I’m a faerie. And before you ask, no I do not have wings under this cloak. I was sent to protect your family, you specifically, because of His plan. Any questions?”
“If you are a faerie, but you do not have wings, then what gift do you possess?”
“Other than my insanely good looks, and witty charm, along with the whole ‘immortality deal,’ I can shapeshift, hence the reason I always won when we played hide and search.”
“Why are you talking differently than me?”
“Ok, I’ve only ever had one other assignment, if you will, and um, she didn’t necessarily have the most polished speech alright? So of course some of it rubbed off on me. Besides, none of that high and mighty talk really works when I say it. You should know, am I right Milady?” Jax raised his eyebrows jokingly. "It took seven years for me to even get the accent down, that’s why I hardly said two words next to each other until we, well you, turned twelve. Maybe some of it will rub off on you.”
Mysna had an odd look on her face, like somebody had just told her that her nose was turning green.
“Maybe? No? Ok.”

*grins* This is from a story I haven't even told y'all about (I don't think?). 

3. Share a snippet that gives you a bit of insight into one of your most favorite characters ever. 

Most favorite character? Psht. I have like, three or four favorite characters. 

"Really? I mean, really?" Uan questioned. "You just got abducted to an unsettling and completely drab and lacking of glitter world, and I frighten you?" he shook his head, and Aurora sat a little straighter and removed her hands from over her eyes where they had flown when the wolf had appeared.
"Surely a talking wolf is not the strangest thing you have experienced today," he went on, circling her. "I'm not going to hurt you, so kindly stop sending me the death glare. Thank you." He sat in front of her. "Allow me to introduce myself, hey!" He yelped when Aurora sent her shoe flying right at his nose, how terribly rude! "None of that!" he growled slightly. "Now, as I was trying to say," he sniffed at her, "my name is Uan. The perfect picture of an evil henchman, thank you for noticing." He gave a slight bow. "And you are?"

(And here's from the same character, but different book)

“What would you do if everything you knew about your entire life was suddenly flipped upside down?”
There was a pause before Uan answered. He appeared to be in deep thought.
“Ordinarily, I’d say ‘eat a slice of cake,’ but I assume this is not the time or place to avoid seriousness.”
A flicker of a smile crossed Reiyna’s face.
“Was that a smile?! Please tell me that it’s a smile! Come on, come on, you know you smiled at that!” Uan started hopping around on all fours. “She smiled! The weeping girl has bestowed a smile upon this corridor!”
Reiyna snorted into her hands.
“But what’s this? She laughs? Oh happy is the day when laughter rings throughout the castle halls!”
Reiyna could not help but dissolve into gales of laughter brought on by the beast’s joking.

4. Share a snippet that gets you beaming with pride and you're just like 'yep, I wrote that beauty'. 


To my lord and Master, Abrom Hood. From his loyal advisor and friend, John L. Gaerry.

The plan has had the desired effect upon your son. At first, he was distraught, as you had predicted, then he became determined to search the entire ocean for The Contessa. I have advised him to stay at Locksley Hall, and have threatened to keep him here under lock and key.

However, in order for the plan to go according to your wishes, I was made to promise to send word to every town, port, and harbor along the coast to keep an eye out for the Contessa. You understand, of course, that such letters that I send to each town will not have those exact instructions; ‘to keep a weather eye out for the ship, Contessa,’ but rather; ‘disregard this message entirely’ written up top, and then, of course, to appease your son, his words ‘keep a weather eye out for Contessa.’ You understand me, don’t you?
But of course, your son suspects nothing at this point. Mr. Stutely played his part with perfection. I have no doubt that your son is devising a plan of escape at this very moment.

Naturally, he will try for the window and escape by horse routine. And naturally, I will have placed several horsemen along the roads to Covne to intercept him and return him to Locksley Hall. After which, I am most certain that he will discard that idea altogether and try to smuggle himself out under the straw that is to be delivered and sold at market next week. The stable boy practically worships him, so I imagine he will have a rather easy time of it. And of course, according to plan, I will have a man come and buy the whole load of straw, including the wagon and the oxen to pull it, and so deliver Doran back again. 

5. Share a snippet of genius, deliciously witty dialogue between your characters. 

“Shall we go?” Daro was growing impatient.
            “Not yet, featherhead, you’re forgetting about that ‘small’ fire.”
            “Look, I may have feathers instead of hair, but at least I don’t have cat eyes and a fluffy tail that always needs brushing.” Daro crossed his arms defiantly. “Besides, fire’s easy to put out.”
            “Would that I had been paired with Komoc. We may fight like cats and dogs, but at least he doesn’t have a birdbrain.” Jax threw.
            “Touché, young Sir. You have worked on your wit since we last sparred.” Daro smiled proudly, for it was he who was the superior of these two. “Though, perhaps it is time to work on your wordplay instead of your insults?” He raised his eyebrows. “Shall we be off, then?” He flicked his fingers and the fire disappeared. “Our young companion should be presented to Adri-Malu with all haste.”

6. Share a snippet that leaves you breathless, in a cold sweat with action-induced intensity. 

Mhm. This'll do it. (this is the abridged version, goodness)

"You really want to know?" She pulled her eyebrows together and tilted her head to the side daintily.
"My little Shadow, of course I do."
"Well, it’s simple really, a little transfer, if you will." She waved her hand in the air, giggling again. Darkness caught it, and held it up, examining her fingers.
"Go on."
"Again, you will think it's silly."
"Only if you keep stalling like that. I know your heart" he turned her hand over, "it's as black as mine, or it will be when I finish with you. You want something, and you are afraid to ask me for it. But I've already told you, and now I'm commanding you" he gritted his teeth and pulled her out of her throne and to her feet, "tell me what you want."
"I wish to return to my land early. Wait!" Millicent cowered at Darkness' feet. "I will add the remaining time from this restraint to my next one. Please." She gazed up at him. "Let me see my family before the trouble comes. Before you take over. I want to see them happy one last time."
Darkness laughed. It was a laugh that was purely evil. Millicent shut her eyes and put her hands over her ears. He pulled her to her feet again and yanked her hands away from her ears.

"You wish to see them happy, do you?" he hissed into her ear. "You'll see them alright!"
"You will let me go?" Disbelief flooded across her face. "Early, even?"
"Of course. You are my accomplice, my helper, my worshiper." He rattled on. "Yes, yes. You will go, but only on one condition." He stopped abruptly and stared deeply into her eyes.
"Anything!" She eagerly promised. She would see how beautiful her niece had become! Ever since Darkness had filled her curtain, she was without a link to her home.

Darkness smiled. This was what he had spent years badgering and waiting for her to agree to. And to think, all it took was a small measure of leverage.

"You will let me finish what I began?"
"Yes, yes. I told you, anything to see my family again!" She confirmed, not quite thinking of all that could come from her agreement.
"Let me have your remaining memories in exchange for the power to visit all the worlds." He demanded.
Millicent paused for a moment. Then nodded her head. "They are yours, only let me have my family back."
He smiled again, and placed his hands around her head. Gone. He left only his name inside of her mind. Duath-ogol.
He owned her now, both body and soul. For, when one parts with all one’s memories, they lose themselves and are at the mercy and command of whosoever claims them. He chuckled again, watching her change, and waited for her to wake up again. New and ready to do his will.

7. Share a snippet of a most interesting first meeting between your characters.

“I have an offer for you.” The stuck-up pig was trying to make things up now.
            “What kind of offer?” Aria asked, skeptically.
            “We need an extra hand aboard The Quiver. You’ve shown that, with practice, you can put up a pretty good fight. Of course, you’d have to pull your share doing other work when we aren’t, ahem, collecting-”
            “You mean pirating?” She raised her eyebrows.
            “Yes, if you must know, we are pirates. Now, will you sail under me? You’ll make an excellent cabin boy.” The man offered his hand to help her up.
            “My apologies,” she mimicked him, ignoring his hand and scrambling up on her own, “you seem to have made a mistake.” She yanked her cap off her head and tossed it over her shoulder. “You see,” she stood toe to toe with him now, “I am not cabin boy material.” She hissed, bringing her braid over so that it rested on her shoulder. “And I will not sail under a pirate!” She stomped away a few steps.
            Doran was speechless. It took all his power to keep his jaw from dropping. He looked the girl up and down. Of course, his mistake had been honest. She was dressed like any other peasant boy; knit cap (newly removed, of course), coarse tunic over a pair of patched trousers, and an old belt.
            He was surprised, Aria could see. She smirked up at him, baiting him, calling into question his manners. Though most of the villagers were outlaws, even they had the decency to apologize and look away, but no. He was staring at her. Studying her. She shifted a bit uneasily.
            “I see that your character is as black as your profession.” Her eyes grew hard. “And now that you are stuck to the ground, I see no reason why I shouldn’t leave and turn you all in.”

Totally did not steal this from Sare's post *cough*

Mkay. Now. Who shall I tag? 

There we go, that's done. Satisfied Sare? 😜


  1. Permission to beta-read all your books because your writing is AMAZING Chloe! Loved these.
    Well seeing as I have now been tagged by both you AND Sare...I guess I'd better get to work. XD

    1. Sure, even if I end up not publishing, I will definitely still let y'all beta read.

      Aw! Thanks!

  2. Great snippets! Not gonna lie part of me is like "sounds like a fun tag to do" and another part is like "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEE?!" is there a certain time in which I have to get this done?

    1. Thanks!

      *chuckles* well, that's one way to get more info about your story.

      Just whenever.

  3. I love this!!!! When can I read them?

    1. Thanks Sol! Erm. I have to finish them first, but when I do, remind me and I'll add you to the list. :D


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