January Recap: Nostalgia. Nostalgia Everywhere.

Ah, January. The first month of the year.

*totally did not almost write '2014' on one of my assignments, shhh*

*is proud of self for having a header pic for every recent blogpost*

United States

*opens blogger to write about the month* *brain instantly forgets everything I wanted to write*

1. College classes started back up again. I have two online and one on campus, but I only have to go in one day each week, so that's nice. Lydia has a class as well, but the class times are off just enough so that we can't go together (though, she has to go in again on Wednesdays).

2. We hosted two families after Church on New Year's Eve. We stayed up late playing taboo (all the quieter people against the louder people ends up with a very clear victory on the louder team's part) and praying over the new year. I think people left around 12:30 in the morning?

3. My neighbor (the one with the horses) invited me to go with her to the 2017 invitational stock horse show and auction in Fort Worth to spectate. We had a bunch of fun! The grand champion sold for $30,000! O.o

I haven't told y'all this before. We used to have and show alpacas. At one point, I think we had up to fifteen or sixteen of them (hence the reason we have a barn and a trailer in our pasture). I'm not sure if they have it still or not, but the Fort Worth stock show used to host alpaca shows.

I vividly remember packing up in the early morning to trek down there to set up and get the animals settled before the show. Of course, we don't have them anymore (I think we sold the last of them in October five or six years ago). But driving up to the grounds a whole slew of memories got dumped on me. And then, after the stock horse show, we went into a different building. And of course, this building was where we did the showing. As soon as we walked into the area with the arena, even the sound was nostalgic!

I have fond memories of sitting with Mom, Lydia, and Christian while Dad was in the ring with one of our animals. Ava was already born when we got them, but Gabe wasn't, however, he came along pretty quickly afterwards. I remember Mom or Dad clipping an alpaca lead onto the back of whichever toddler we had at the time in place of a backpack leash. And also of running up and down past the stalls with other kids, looking at all the other alpacas and listening to their delightful humming. There was always a row of spinners, carders, and weavers who would almost always let us try our hand at their craft (even though we were awful at everything except carding the wool XD).

And for those who are wondering what alpacas are even, they are from the same family as llamas, however, they are smaller, cuter, sweeter, and don't spit as much. Their wool is like that of a sheep, and is used similarly. When shown, they are judged by conformation (how well put together they are) and their wool.

This is Daisy.  We got her with her mom when she was a baby.
We wouldn't just go to the Fort Worth show though. I remember going to Arkansas a time or two, Houston I think, and several others. Not all of us would go either. Sometimes it'd just be Dad, Christian and I.

Enough about that. If anyone wants to hear more about our adventures showing, let me know. XD

4. We had two full days of peasoup fog.

Basically like this or thicker. FOR TWO DAYS.

5. Christian had two debate tournaments and Gabe had two gymnastics tournaments. All on weekends, but thankfully never on duplicate weekends. Christian tried his best at Tyler. Dad drove down and judged, and Ava watched and timed. Mom, Dad, Gabe, and Mia all went down in the general direction of Houston for one of Gabe's tournaments, leaving the four of us older ones at home for a couple days. We are all looking forward to February, when we can all make it to church as a family.

6. We are all hooked on When Calls the Heart. Christian will try to deny it, but he likes it just as much as the rest of us. Shhhh.

7. SNOW!

8. The last Saturday in January we finally all made it to Church as a family. To celebrate, we got cheesecake.

9. Mia made it clear that she knows what shipping is. Not the name though, just the act of thinking two people or characters should be together. I'm afraid that if I tell her the name of what she does she'll do it even more, and be obvious about it. She cracks me up. XD

10. I got an idea for yet another story, completely unrelated to the series I am working towards. It's a dystopian, and I got the idea from an article Mom read to us on the way to church. It'll be very interesting to see how it'll pan out. Working title: Snowstorm (it's symbolic, k? Nothing to do with the weather).

11. Because one of Gabe's tournaments was down near Houston, Mom, Dad, and the two youngest all went down together while the rest of us held down the fort without parental or grandparental (though they were next door if there was an emergency) supervision for the first time overnight.

12. Ava did Christian's hair WHILE WE HAD PEOPLE HERE. Look, I have picture proof.



1. Dropping the car keys in the middle of a store.

2. When there is only one other girl in my on campus class. Like seriously. Why do I always get this kind of luck? 😞

3. Cracking your elbows.

4. Almost singing along to a disney song at Christian's debate club, but then remembering that I had earbuds in.


1. Getting to spend time with my neighbor. We're both hoping to be able to match our schedules to ride soon.

2. Late night older sibling chats.

3. Getting home way earlier than I expected on the first day of class.

4. The glorious feeling of finally figuring something out after a week of frustration, with help of course. That thing gave me a whole month's worth of stress in only a few days. 😂😅

5. When the kids declare that I am their favorite cook. Ok, I guess. Thanks. XD

6. When you find a typo in a writing textbook called Everyone's an Author. I guess that's true, but not everyone's an editor. XD


1. When you can't  figure out how to properly install a school program on Clarence, AFTER FIVE TRIES. I was quite upset, and it was one of those days. One of the ones you wish you could just bury forever. Or the kind where you think the day could only make you feel worse if this thing happens, and then the thing happens. And at the end of the day you're just like.


Goodness. This has been a really, really, really good month for music.

I figured out (via the only interesting ad on spotify) that some movies have their own profiles with playlists for the main characters. *cue squeals*

Walt Disney Records:

Disney Pixar:


Marvel Music:

Star Wars:


The Jungle Book:

And then because of all those, I found myself listening to a boatload of Disney songs. I even made two playlists, one with the full albums and then an abridged version that has only the songs with lyrics.

427 songs, 19 hours and 25 minutes

150 songs, 6 hours and 48 minutes
And now, here is the monthly playlist.

27 songs, 1 hour and 23 minutes

The Opening Overture from Pan. Bc it's beautiful.

Mkay, going along with nostalgia, I looked up the soundtrack for Black Beauty, and oh my stars! It's GORGEOUS!

Counting Stars. I feel like I've heard it from something, but I have no idea what. Same goes for Hey Brother.

Holding Out for a Hero. Kinda felt like I was doing that when my classes started.

Rainbow Connection. Mmmmm. 😌

Down to the River to Pray. I don't even know how I found it.

And then more disney, wouldn't ya know? I crocheted nine hats while listening to it all.


Ok, I did write this month. Not much, but I did.

“The first thing they will expect is for me to escape through the window.” He muttered.

“How might one escape one’s guardian without them knowing when one knows that said guardian will have laid plans to recapture and further discourage all attempts of escape?” He wracked his brain. (*coughcough* actually tried googling that exact sentence and the first suggested site was "Magic - Wikiquote" *snorts*)

“The only solution is the think of a way that the books never cover. In the books, the hero always climbs out the window, or smuggles them self out somehow. But that only works in the books, never in real life.” Doran sat by the window and rubbed his head.

(and I can't give y'all the answer to how he escapes bc spoilers. Tut tut.)


K, I was wondering why I wasn't getting comments and then I realised I forgot to ask questions at the end, so here y'all go a day later than they should have been.

Favorite Disney song?
What do you think of the blackmail material?
When was the first time your parents left you overnight without supervision?
What did you do? 
(and Jon, before you do it, I know you're gonna say something snarky XP)
Have any of y'all see When Calls the Heart? Let us flail.



    And Ashley forced me to watch something the other day while we were housesitting [again lol] and at first I thought it was When Calls the Heart but IT COULD HAVE BEEN LOVES COMES SOFTLY?? Idk. I slept through a lot of it aheh. xD

    1. Foiled again.

      It probably could have been either one, bc they are both based off of books by the same author.

  2. Cool wrap up! anytime I read alpacas I think of llamas which gets me thinking of that Disney movie where the king tunes into a llama, which gets me thinking of this one part where the kind is like "Yeah! I'm a Llama again!... wait..."

    I'll definitely be checking our your Spotify playlist! But I can't really say I have a favorite Disney song since right now I'm going back and forth between "We Are Men"-Mulan and "You're Welcome"-Moana

    I think that black mail material is okay, but you need something more embarrassing

    1. Yup, they are pretty similar. I don't think I've seen that movie in its entirety, though I've seen quotes on Pinterest and snatches of it on YouTube. It looks hilarious!

      Yeah, 'You're Welcome' is so catchy, so it's one of my favorites at the moment too.

      Oh, never fear, I've got a humdinger of a story. XD

    2. The Emperor's New Groove is a total riot! I recommend it as one of Disney's best comedies.

  3. o.0 apparently a lot of Russians like your blog

    You HAD AND SOLD alpacas? that's literally so awesome and so adorable omgns

    I'm the only girl in a class (er, there's actually two of us but the other girl doesn't really count because she's like ultra tomboy). Also everyone else is in middle school so -_-

    Dude that is a lot of music omw

    Oh, and lookit that, I wrote a comment totally not pertaining to the questions. hee I was just late XD

    1. *is trying to figure out why*

      Yes! It was so much fun! (And a bit stressful at the same time, but it's the kind of thing you only remember the good things)

      Eh, well. Being in a class where you're the oldest isn't all that great either. Every time our family did a co-op, I always ended up in a class a grade lower than I was age-wise.

      Mhm. Very music. Such many. XD


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