The Big Picture Post

This is very very long, so if you would rather skip over it, that's fine, or if you'd rather wait until you have more than five minutes to read blogposts, that's fine too. You have been warned. :)

Back in *flips through calendar* November, I dragged Lydia out into the foggy morning for a photo shoot. Yes, it was a bit cold. Yes, the grass was wet. Yes, she did have shoes on.

Yeah, ok, all those shots are kind of dramatic-looking-ish, but do you have any idea how hard it was to get those?

For example: I'd have her sit down, like so:

Then ten seconds later, she'd look up at me like this:

Here's a more recent group:

I finally figured out how to do this without it being all grainy! 

Love the cloud formation here:

I'm so happy with this one, normally he doesn't hold still long enough for me to even think about aiming my camera at him.

Morning light off the trailer.

I saw this thing on Pinterest, I thought it was cool, thus I decided to try it.

"Put me down, and I shall grant you three wishes."

I can't believe I haven't shown you very many pics from the Montana trip!

No, he did not buy it.

Thus ends the insanely long picture post. Hope you enjoyed!
Favorite picture?
Favorite sunset?


  1. I like all the pictures!!! Especially the ones in the foggy fields – pictures like that are so much fun! You have talent with a camera!


    Fav Pic: probably the top moon one.

    Fav Sunset: the bottom one.

  3. I love the chicken picture! That lens flare is amazing :O. And the fourth one from the bottom of the pasture is so peaceful. Looks like you had a fun time in Montana! Those are some impressive fish :)

  4. In the third picture, I immediately thought of Cinderella for some reason.
    Those pictures of the moon are beautiful! I'm getting really inspired by all of these pictures. Especially the clouds that look like a sandstorm rolling in. Beautiful pictures!!

  5. Favorites?! That cloud formation.... wow. LOVE IT! and those ones of "put me down and I shall grant you three wishes" !!! Those ARE AWESOME.
    Yay for pictures... are you going to do a post on your 366 ones you did?

  6. Beautiful pictures!!

  7. Lovely!!! My favorite picture is either one of the moon, or the ones of your sister! :) I always do that to Jacquie. XD My favorite sunset is the last one looking through the tree branches. :) They're all amazing though! <3


  8. I LOVE the cloud formation one. Wow. All of these are beautiful. Your whole blog is gorgeous! :D

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments y'all! :D

    Gotta say, that cloud formation one was one of my special favorites as well!


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