Oh, look at that... I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Olivia, over at Meanwhile, in Rivendell. As this is the first time I have ever been tagged, I should like to accept.

The rules (because, you know, you can't have a game without them):

1. Paste the button onto your blogpost.

2. Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (and say why you tagged them, if you have time!) (Be original and nonsensical in your own question-creativity - make the blogging world a cheerful place :-) And be disastrously random.)

Now for the fun...

3. Write down three facts about you - one of them is WRONG. Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while). 

4. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you - make it all super random and interesting :-D

So those are the rules! Let's start off with the three things about me.

1. I hate bacon.
2. I get carsick if I read in the car.
3. I've never flown on an airplane before.

The questions! (I'm super excited right now!)

1. Animated movies - what's your opinion? 
I used to love all the old Disney movies, and I love computer animation, but live-action is awesome too. So, I'm pretty indifferent about the whole deal.

2. Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?
If I'm listening to music to go to sleep, I prefer earbuds. But if I'm doing school, or crocheting, I prefer headphones.

3. What is one thing it seems like everybody loves but you? 
Ok, this probably seems really weird, but I hate bananas. I can't stand the smell, taste, or texture. But, I absolutely adore banana bread. Don't ask why, because I'm still trying to figure that one out.

4. Do you have flowers in your room? 
Not exactly. I have a few fabric flowers in a basket on top of my bookshelf. Does that count?

5. Do you like the sound of keys on a keyboard clicking?
I do. It is the sound of a story coming to life.

6. Who is one fictional character whom you loath with a burning passion? *evil grin*
Denethor ~ Lord of the Rings, the duke of Shippening ~ Heartless, Mr. Ewell ~ To Kill a Mockingbird, Uncle Andrew ~ The Magician's Nephew, The White Witch ~ The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. Yeah, that was more than one. Sorry 'bout that.

7. Are you a procrastinator?

8. Shoes or no?
I would go barefoot everywhere if I could, but I'm pretty sure my parents would have something to say about that.

9. What are three movies that take you back to the dear old days gone forever?
Hmmmm. Let me think a minute.

The old animated Disney Cinderella, The Fox and the Hound, and Dumbo

10. Pens or pencils?
I use pencils for school, and pens if I'm flowing a debate, or if I'm writing a note for the rest of the family. Overall, it's very close, but I think I prefer pencils. 

That was very fun! Thanks for tagging me, Olivia! 

Now, to pass on the favor, I tag (in no particular order):

Feel free to accept or decline, anyone else who wants to participate is welcome!

And now, I have a few questions:

1. What is your earliest childhood memory?

2. Would you rather live in the city or in the country, and why?

3. Contemporary music or movie soundtracks?

4. Do you know the proper usages of its and it's; their, there, and they're; and your and you're? 

5. What is your opinion on car racing?

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

7. Do you like to write and/or blog?

8. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

9. Which do you prefer, dogs or cats?

10. Coffee or tea, or both?

Ok, ok. No more questions. Have fun answering them!

Over and out.


  1. Thanks so much for doing it!:D

    I'm going to guess your lie is #1, maybe?

    I hate Denethor as well. Or, that's a mild way of putting it. But I have to say, I adore Uncle Andrew. Sort of. I just love listening/reading him, even though he IS such a terrible person…he frankly amuses me:D

    1. Thanks for tagging me, it was a bunch of fun!

      Haha, guess again! :) (Dad can't stand it either)

      Ah, yes. Yes, there is that factor, I always did like his harebrained and hurried ways.

  2. Yay! Thank you so much Chloe! I can't wait! I saw tis tag circulating and was just hoping I would somehow get tagged. ;) Great answers!
    I'm going to guess #3 is wrong. It's really hard to tell, they're all believable.

    God bless!

    1. BTW. I love your title pic at the top! "Well, that counts you out, Pip!" ;D XD

    2. I can't wait to see your answers!

      Ding ding ding! You are correct! :D

      Thanks! :)

      "Nine companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring."

      "Great! Where are we going?"

  3. Oh thank you, dearie! I would love to do this tag--looks like such fun!! Thanks! :]

  4. Thank you for tagging me!!!

    I LOVE your header!!!!! "Elen sila lumenn omentielvo." :D

    1. You're welcome, can't wait to see your answers!

      *hurriedly looks through dictionary*
      I can't seem to find those words, but, I looked them up online, so let's see if I can come up with a response.

      Ni veren an gi ngovand!

    2. Haha! I think I'm a bit to lazy to search for a good dictionary online. Do you have a book?
      (Translates, "A star shall shine upon the hour of our meeting." :))

      Let's see...

      Na lû n'i a-goveninc! (I hope that's right!)

    3. I don't have an actual book, but I did find a few dictionaries online that seem to be accurate, they agree with each-other, anyway.

      That is correct!
      Galo anor erin radeg.

  5. Can you give me the links please? I'm not exactly sure who to trust... :) I'll have to see if there's a book.

    1. Sure, Let me see if I can find them.

    2. This link goes to a PDF version of a Sindarin to English, English to Sindarin Dictionary. For my own use, I copied and pasted it onto a document. Some of the sections scrambled a bit, but the general format stayed the same.


      This link leads to a website chock-full of useful information. It has several sections of phrases. It even has a section of websites that they trust. I haven't even unlocked all of it's mysteries yet, but what I have seen is quite interesting.


      This little site is pretty nifty as well


      Hope these help!


    3. Oh yeah, and this goes to the "Happy in my hobbit hole" site:


      It is about the author, and I literally just found it.


    4. I just found this site through the "happy in my hobbit hole"


      It looks pretty cool.

      Wow. I'm sending a lot, aren't I? Oh well. Hope you're able to use some of it!



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