Meet My Family!

They're rocks.

No, no, just kidding.

I've posted a few times, and now I think that it's high time you met my family. I'm doing this partly so that you know who I'm referring to if I say one of their names, and partly just because.

Ok, you probably saw a picture of some people on the beach in my "Introducing Me" page. That's them! From the back anyway.

If you counted the people in the picture, you would end with a final count of eight. There's a Mom and a Dad, and six kids. See, not that big, when you think about it.

Mom and Dad. How do I describe them? Hard workers, both of them. They both teach us at home, and Dad has a full time job on the side (he has his own business and works from home). Both of them are extremely creative. Dad is, because it is part of his job. Mom is because that is the way she is. She's an awesome cook, really creative there. Dad is also the founder of UGS- Unrealistic Goal Setters (Lydia and Mom's Mom are the main members). Here's a picture of them, in case you are wondering what they look like:
(Note: I did not take this picture. Aren't they cute though)

The firstborn, my sister, Lydia. Hmmm... She's 17 (we're actually 11 months apart, so we are super close). She definitely inherited all the creativeness from Mom and Dad. She loves to draw, write, play piano (you can check out some of the songs she plays on our youtube channel, found in the "Sometimes I hang out here" page), put on plays, and be helpful. She's a good big sister, and I couldn't imagine life without her, or any of my siblings. She has a good sense of humor, but she does have blonde moments, and sometimes she comes up with interesting names for objects. For example, we were in the car, and there was an icicle hanging on one of the rearview mirrors, she called it "the car-looker-in-the-backer-thingy." Up until last year she actually thought General Custer was called "General Custard". So, that is what life is like with her. If you want to check out her blog, you can find it HERE.
This is pretty muchly her personality summed up in one picture.
(And no, we haven't actually seen any of the Marvel films. I know, shame on us, and all that jazz.)
Ok, if I'm going to be able to have good pictures of everybody, I'm not going to be able to do it by myself, I'm calling in the professionals!

So here is a better picture of Lydia:

Me: well, if you haven't already read the "Introducing Me" page, just check that out, and you'll know all you need to.

Christian. He's 14. Although he's somewhat argumentative, he's slowly maturing in that area. He got his first dear last hunting season, so bravo to him for that! He likes talking, a lot. And being in charge. He's got a good sense of humor as well, in fact, most of us do. Dinners with extended family are always hilarious.

Forgive me, this was the only decent picture I could find of him that seemed to capture his personality.
(Yes, I know. I need more pictures of him. He seems to avoid my camera like the plague.)
So here is a better one, done by an actual photographer

Ava. My little sister aged 10. She likes to be around people. She is just getting to the stage where she is starting to read books, not those little junky books that some ten-year-olds seem to enjoy, real books. I recently got her interested in The Hobbit, and now she is motivated to finish a stack of books Mom gave her, so that she can start reading it. She is a very bubbly and happy person. She also likes to take pictures. She is in the learning mode in that department. But, then again, aren't we all?

This is mostly her opinion on life (and snow).

Gabe. What would we do without our Gabe? The clown of the family, aged 7. He loves to laugh! And when he's angry, it's like a cloud goes over his entire face, everyone can tell when something is bothering him. He's got the cutest blue puppy-dog eyes (we actually all have blue eyes, ranging from blueberry-blue [Mom, Lydia, Christian, Ava, Gabe and Mia]  to ocean-blueish-greenish-greyish [Dad and me]). He loves being right. He's definitely a perfectionist, he gets it from Dad and Lydia. He's just adorable, ok, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

See what I mean by 'puppy-dog eyes'?
Mia. She's the baby of the family, aged one whole hand, or five. When she lost her first tooth, Mom just about cried. She loves to laugh and smile and talk. She's definitely a talker. She can talk a mile a minute, and she doesn't always use her inside voice. She's adorable! She is left handed, as is Christian, my Aunt, and my Grandfather. She can read almost completely by herself. 

And that's it. That's my family. Through thick and thin, we stick together, because that's what families do. We are all on the same team. 

Yes, we have long hair.
1, because Dad likes long hair, and 2, because we like long hair.

A lot of these pictures were taken on the beach. We do not live near a beach, but going to the beach helps Dad to mentally recharge. Plus, it's pretty muchly the only place we like to go on vacation. 

Ok, ok. Time to be done. Time to stick these pictures back in the photo album. 

So, that's what we look like, now you'll know who I'm talking about when I say "so and so did such and such today, and that was really cool," or something to that effect. 



  1. Amazing pictures! You're family is beautiful! <3


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