March Recap: Music and Rogue One

Better late than never, I suppose. 

Well actually, I would probably have just combined it into a huge monster of a post (as if they aren't already) with April.


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1. The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack came out, and my goodness it's gorgeous!

2. A new horse came to be trained at work. He's a rescue horse and his name is Tortilla, but we call him Taco instead. He's got four stockings that end in a splash on his belly, and he's got a blaze down his face. He's a very pretty horse, but he needs some work. His shoes were way too small and his feet needed to be trimmed. He doesn't really know how to push with his hind legs when he's being lunged, and he's got a slight spooking problem when faced with a saddle blanket and saddle pad set on the ground in the wrong position. He spooked, and the foot he landed on just so happened to land on my foot, so that hurt kind of a lot (thank goodness he didn't break it, but I had a lovely bruise for a while).

3. Beauty and the Beast came out. My sister and I had made and set plans with a group of friends before we knew about all the controversy around it. Mom and Dad discussed it with us, and decided that it would be ok for us to go see it since we had made plans, but that the rest of the family wouldn't go out and see it in theaters, and that we both needed to watch it with the mindset that the character's actions were wrong, no matter how it is presented to us. And of course, I am in no way endorsing the character's actions by going to see the movie, same as I wouldn't endorse Gollum's actions by watching Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. We all enjoyed it, we all dressed up in formal dresses and sat on the same row.

4. Mom and Dad went to Maui for a little over a week without us, so we had fun with Nana and Grandfather (they still like us, so that's good). They came home with stories of being on the beach and watching whales.

5. The dollar theater FINALLY got Rogue One! So I kidnapped Christian (with Mom and Dad's go-ahead) and went to see it opening night.

I just. I can't. GAH. Wait. What's that on the ground? OH. OH GUYS. It's my heart. Why is it smashed into a bajillion pieces? *is listening to the soundtrack and it is NOT helping any* Looking it up on Pinterest was a whole new level of bad idea. All the feels! Christian hated it, mainly bc they killed k2.

6. Apparently Saint Patrick's day was this month, but I completely missed it until I heard it on the radio while at work. I did not wear green. *gets pinched*

7. One of the chickens was feeling lazy. There wasn't even a yolk, just a black dot. I would have been curious to see if it would have hatched and how big the chick would have been.

7. Mia went on her first ever trail ride with a family from Church (I got to go along too). She did fantastic, and even though she was scared at first (this was also her first time on a horse) she conquered her fears and ended up enjoying herself so much that she wants to do it again on her birthday.

8. Another gal started coming to work, and is on a trial period as far as I know. She's been nice to have around, we get done with cleaning stalls a whole lot faster than when she wasn't around. She said that she had worked at another stable/ranch, but it must have been several years ago, since she had trouble figuring out how a halter works. She seems to be learning pretty well though, and it's been nice to have an extra person in the round pen to help me lunge some of the more difficult horses (looking at y'all, Lil' Dude and Solomon), as they take longer and will basically suck all of your energy away. Though it does take some getting used to having another person around.

9. Blogger got some more themes, I really like messing around with the new ones. They look so much more professional.

10. We had severe storms one Sunday evening. Hail, lightning hitting the ground, thunder, tornado warnings. The whole Texas Spring storm shabang. Except that we had 36 people at our house for 'small' group, and there are only three good places to take shelter in the event that a tornado touches down, definitely not enough for 36 people. A tornado touched down fifteen minutes away from us. And we could see the sunset through the clouds. I love watching this kind of weather, just not driving in it or being out in it.

11. While Mom and Dad were away, it was decided that we would have dinner with another family from church, who have been family friends for forever (maybe even before Mom and Dad were married? idk). Their eldest daughter and her kids were there, as well as one of the church elders.


1. Seeing the rooster at work, and realizing that he looks exactly like Darth Cluck, my old nemesis, and coming to grips with the fact that I will forever be plagued with Darth Cluck look-a-likes, but never more than one at a time.

The Original, Darth Cluck. Deceased, execution by firing squad. 

Son of the Original, Kylo Crow. Deceased, carried off by dogs. 
The Current, name undecided. Still alive, seems non-hostile.
3. Walking into Chickfila after Church for a quick snack before going to see Beauty and the Beast and feeling very overdressed bc a black formal dress, a pearl necklace, and a shawl are not exactly on point with what people normally wear to a fast food restaurant.

4. Making iced tea, but the combination of the deep pink tea and the brown coconut sugar I used to sweeten it made the end result look like blood.

I guess I have to break it to y'all.
*takes a deep breath*
Guys, I'm a vampire.
5. Putting my hair in two braids and then feeling like that weird child-hating queen from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

6. Checking to see when the car needs an oil change and realizing that it's almost 3000 miles overdue and that it was supposed to be changed August of last year.

7. Playing sardines and finally being found, but having a moderately heavy child standing on my ankle, that's already turned at an awkward position from me sitting on my legs, so I can't get up.


1. Getting to ride Bowtie for the first time. She feels like she's always just about to take off, start bucking, or shake you off, but that is only because she doesn't have a whole lot of self-confidence. And she won't do those things unless you get her really worked up, so I was told. She's a beautiful creature, and it's really sad how the last trainer wasn't teaching her right.

2. Getting to implement some of the things I've learned at the trainer's with my neighbors' horses.

3. Mucking out stalls and the classical radio station plays a song from The Hobbit.

4. Making cinnamon rolls purely because I missed making them (and ya know, everyone else kinda missed eating them too).

5. Racing my grandparents home from a restaurant after dinner while Mom and Dad were gone. We had left and met Grandfather at the restaurant, then Nana decided to ride home with Grandfather, so I drove back home. I like to drive fast, so when we were about five minutes away from home, I decided to peal off from behind them and get home through a back way that hardly anyone drives on so you can go as fast as you want. I almost beat them too. Like, if Lydia had let me go five miles an hour faster, I could have won. We were laughing the entire time, and Lydia turned on this song just as I turned off, so that made it even more funny.

6. Playing sardines while at another family's house for dinner while Mom and Dad were gone. It took them forever to find me. *grins* Bc I was hiding downstairs in the living room behind a chair where one of the church elders was sitting, and nobody had even hidden downstairs and I was the last one to hide.

7. Hanging out at Lydia's work (she wasn't working though) to chat with friends and do school.

This mug tho, so adorable!


1. When the weather decides to pour rain the entire time while we are mucking out stalls at work. Now, that doesn't sound too bad, since you're mostly in the barn, but just imagine rushing a full wheelbarrow of muck through the rain and mud, up a ramp, dumping it, and then rushing back to the barn. It doesn't take ten seconds. And then the part where you have to get more shavings to put in the stall afterwards. Normally, I'd just pick up a sack like I would pick up a kid, and walk to the stall and dump it. But the bags of shavings are stored in the open air, so carrying a 40 pound bag of shavings that's soaked on the outside isn't gonna fly, so you put it in the wheelbarrow, but the wheelbarrow is gross, so the outside of the bag is all nasty by the time you get to the stall. I mean yeah, it cleared up later in the day, and it didn't get hot, and it was still pretty to watch the rain, but working in it wasn't very fun.

2. Being an emotional train wreck for days after seeing Rogue One. I may not have cried during the movie, but goodness. Like. Emotions, what are these things? This isn't good. So yes, Julia, I can cry without the aid of onions.

Moments of Hilarity:

1. Driving Christian home from Debate. How far I'll go starts playing on Spotify. Christian: "Ooh, I love this song!" *turns up the volume and starts singing along*

2. Be Our Guest plays on the way home from Church while Christian and I are riding home with Lydia. Lydia: "Oh my goodness, this is really accurate for how we feel at Kimzey's (her work) when it's empty and someone comes in!" *she and I continue to crack up while Christian probably rolls his eyes*

3. Mentioning the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 trailer to Lydia. Her: "Yeah, I think they are trying too hard now. It's just too much." Me: "Yeah, I think they went a little overboard on it...... *long pause* pun intended." Her: *slowly* "Ha ha ha."

4. One of the kids from small group referring to the weather outside and why she was worried about it: "I was dramatized when I was younger!" *everyone in the room tries not to choke from laughter*

5. It's hailing outside, so Christian wants to go out a catch some as it falls. He started to take a metal bowl out, but then realized that that was a stupid idea. Friend: "Yeah, the hail would be super loud hitting the bowl." Other friend: "No, when it hits, it would slide up the sides of the bowl and fall out." Christian: "Guys. It's a metal bowl. And there's lightning outside. I could die!"

6. Driving home from seeing Rogue One with Star Wars music playing. *Imperial March comes on* Christian: "Da da da da da the medicine go down, the medicine go dow-own, the medicine go down." Me: *snorts bc that's what I hear too*


*actually has music to share this time*

The Sound of Sunshine- basically I missed Maui and this is one of the songs that feels most like Maui.

We Don't Need Another Hero and Demons from The Passion, New Orleans- I was in the car driving to work and I cranked up the volume and almost started sobbing bc some days. Just. That's how I feel sometimes. And I just need a little reminder of how much God loves me.

Beauty and the Beast soundtrack- of course it's on here. It's gorgeous! Evermore, Belle, and Be Our Guest are my favorites I think. And I must say, it does take some getting used to having Olaf sing Gaston's praises. Also, who knew Obi Wan had a good singing voice, like wow.

Rogue One- I noticed that when Jyn and Cassian are in their final moments, some bits of the Across the Stars Love Theme are mixed in. *sobs some more*


I got nothin for ya. Sorry.

After a lot of careful thought, I've decided that I will not be able to do the April Camp NaNo. I have enough trouble making sure that everything else gets done that needs doing that I don't think adding another thing to my plate would be a good idea. July, however, should be less hectic, though I may decide to try and get a second job, as I will have graduated high school, and will probably not be able to afford more than one summer class, in which case I will try for November NaNo.

Well, I had an idea for what I wanted to say down here, but it's gone now.

Come. Let us flail over Rogue One.


    Okay. I'll be quiet now.

  2. Cool! was Rogue One really that sad? when I saw it I was like "YES! about time they end a movie with everyone dying! Now if only a Marvel movie would end that way, that would be awesome".

    I wish we would get freak storms over here, we could use the rain anyways.

    Glad you enjoyed Beauty and the Best! now you gotta tell me (since I opted to wait for the DVD) was the wolf fight scene epic?

    1. Rogue One was good, but the 2% of my personality that has feelings was completely thrown off. Yeah, I think Marvel has gotten into the habit of "killing" characters only to miraculously bring them back, a little too much.

      Eh, we've had several really bad dry years, like lakes getting dangerously low, so the past three-ish years that we've had more rain have really been a blessing.

      Yes, the wolf fight was good, did not disappoint.

  3. Rogue One is AMAZING. And depressing. And beautiful. And just, so many emotions. XD

    I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger tag!! :)

    1. Ikr! Even now, whenever I think about it, my emotions go all over the place. Like no, behave yourself. XD

      Thanks! *promises to get it done before the year ends*


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