Scene from The Songbird

This transition tho.

"Master." Millicent sensed Darkness' presence.
"Hello, my pet, my little ray of pitch black, my darling." his voice was a smooth as honey, low and sweet, but Millicent hated the way that he drew out 'darling' whenever he called her thus. He flashed a pointy grin. "I'm sure you know why I'm here, you're smart like that, of course."
"No. This time you seem to have come needlessly and without point or purpose. So tell me, to what do I owe the honor of your visit."
"Why, is it not like me to show up for the pleasure of your company?" He glided closer, and Millicent resisted the urge to pull her legs up to her chest in a defensive position. She forced a small laugh out of her dry throat.
"Me? You came to see me for the fun of it? Why?" She batted her eyelashes, flirting a bit, all the while forcing herself to keep a pleasing look on her face. "Actually, I had hoped that you would stop by."
"And why is that?" Darkness sidled up next to her.
"Oh it's silly really. Anyways, why did you come?" Millicent forced herself to give his shoulder a playful push.
"Really, now. My darling," he drew it out again, she could see him rolling the word around in his mind like a piece of chocolate, "what is it? You know how much I," he licked his thin, shriveled lips, "adore to hear you ask me for something." He grinned his pointy grin again.

Millicent giggled. Mostly from nerves, but if it helped her cause, she would do anything it took.

"Come now, don't be coy with me." Darkness inched closer. "You know how I do love you when you are frank with me instead."
"You really want to know?" She pulled her eyebrows together and tilted her head to the side daintily.
"My little Shadow, of course I do."
"Well, it’s simple really, a little transfer, if you will." She waved her hand in the air, giggling again. Darkness caught it, and held it up, examining her fingers.
"Go on."
"Again, you will think it's silly."
"Only if you keep stalling like that. I know your heart" he turned her hand over, "it's as black as mine, or it will be when I finish with you. You want something, and you are afraid to ask me for it. But I've already told you, and now I'm commanding you" he gritted his teeth and pulled her out of her throne and to her feet, "tell me what you want!"
"I wish to return to my land early. Wait!" Millicent cowered at Darkness' feet. "I will add the remaining time from this restraint to my next one. Please." She gazed up at him. "Let me see my family before the trouble comes. Before you take over. I want to see them happy one last time."

Darkness laughed. It was a laugh that was purely evil. Millicent shut her eyes and put her hands over her ears. He pulled her to her feet again and yanked her hands away from her ears.

"You wish to see them happy, do you?" he hissed into her ear. "You'll see them alright!"
"You will let me go?" Disbelief flooded across her face. "Early, even?"
"Of course. You are my accomplice, my helper, my worshiper." He rattled on. "Yes, yes. You will go, but only on one condition." He stopped abruptly and stared deeply into her eyes.
"Anything!" She eagerly promised. She would see how beautiful her niece had become! Ever since Darkness had filled her curtain, she was without link to her home.

Darkness smiled. This was what he had spent years badgering and waiting for her to agree to. And to think, all it took was a small measure of leverage.

"You will let me finish what I began?"
"Yes, yes. I told you, anything to see my family again!" She confirmed, not quite thinking of all that could come from her agreement.
"Let me have your remaining memories in exchange for the power to visit all the worlds." He demanded.
Millicent paused for a moment. Then nodded her head. "They are yours, only let me have my family back."
He smiled again, and placed his hands around her head. Gone. He left only his name inside of her mind. Duath-ogol.

She fell to the ground in a heap, dark hair flung over her face in tangles. He chuckled. She would see her family as promised, of course. But she would never know it was them. He owned her now, both body and soul. For, when one parts with all one’s memories, they lose themselves and are at the mercy and command of whosoever claims them. He chuckled again, watching her change, and waited for her to wake up again. New and ready to do his will.

Darkness. That was all she felt. And burning. She could not shake the throbbing, boiled heat in her chest. Whatever it was, she had nothing to compare it to, only that it was painful. She slowly forced her eyes open. Her hands were black and scaly, her throat was dry and raw, and she was unbearably cold and hot at the same time.

From the throne, he watched his creation come back to life. Her hair hardened into long spikes, her cloak morphed into a pair of hideous wings, and her skin cracked into dull, black scales. Her face, he left, for he found it pleasing to the eye. He allowed her to keep the use of her hands like she had before, but he tipped each delicate finger with a sharp claw. And her eyes. He could not bear to leave them in their original state. He changed them from blue to completely black, even the whites. And where her pupils used to be, he left burning coals. He watched her slowly rise to her hands and knees.

            She tried to stand, but fell again. Or was it a second time? She didn’t know. Her vision tinted red as she rose up again. A movement invaded her peripheral vision and she turned to face it, almost stumbling over her feet, which he had made bigger to support the added weight of her wings.
            “Who are you?” her voice rasped.
            “Your master. Your friend, if you will do as I say.” His voice was smooth and as soft as velvet.
            “Oh yes. Duath, is it?”
            “Yes.” His eyes glittered.
            “Where am I?” She didn’t sound frightened, for she was not. She merely asked out of curiosity.
            “Home.” Was the simple reply.
            “Why are you here?”
            “To give you your instructions.”
            “As you wish, Master.” She bowed her head, waiting to receive her orders.
            “You will go to Doriar, not to worry I will show you the way, and you will rule the people there as I command.”
            “And how would that be?” She looked up expectantly.
            “With an iron fist. If they do not follow your commands, you will make them bend to your wishes. You will be their Queen. I give you,” he held out his hand, “mind-reading. Do with it as you will. Amarth.” He flashed his pointed teeth.
            A flickering of memory stirred in the back of her mind. Then she knew what he wished her to do. A smile spread across her face.

            “With pleasure.” She hissed.


    You totally gave me some feels in just this section! WHEN CAN I READ MORE?!
    Conquer the writing!

    1. THANK YOU! Not to worry, I'll be posting a bunch of snippets at the end of the month.

  2. Hello I'm Marrok and I have to say that scene is very nicely done


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