Sorry for that unofficial hiatus. That was not planned at all, but I've been super busy finishing my first semester of college!

This morning I sent off my final assignment!


I sent my last Fed Gov assignment in last night because it was due one minute before midnight and I didn't even start it until four in the afternoon because sometimes I have procrastination problems, a five-page "What I Learned" paper, and got my final grade today, 93.03%!

Thus far, I've made all A's in my classes, so I'm super happy about that.

The "What I Learned" paper started out difficult (how am I supposed to make half a page of info stretch over five pages?), and I really wanted to make it creative because the professor was most likely to read several papers that all sounded the same and I wanted to make sure mine wasn't in that category.

So I got down the mandatory "this was my first ever online class, I learned a lot but I'll stretch it out for you, etc" stuff and still had four pages left.

"I must make this as entertaining as possible, or else I fear for my sanity."

So of course I turned it into a story:

The quest began with the Wizard (Professor Stanaland) introducing himself to myself and my fellow adventurers via cyber scroll (an email) in which, he gave his name and a few details about himself. After a small hiccup, I was not positive on how to access my cyber map and the quest handbook (Canvas and the online textbook), however with perseverance (and good music) I was soon able to proceed with the first challenge.
            The quest was divided into five challenges (the modules), and we were each given two weeks to complete each challenge. Each challenge consisted of a reading assignment in the quest handbook, a few side quests (the chapter questions) to help you retain the information from the handbook, a few practice spars to prepare for the battles (the post-chapter questions), and the battles (the chapter tests). There were two important battles midway and at the end of the quest (the pre and post tests). Finally, there was the battle in which the dragon is slain (the “What Did You Learn” paper).
            The quest went smoothly for the most part.
The first challenge was aboard the great ship of Introduction and Ease where I first learned how to properly use my cyber map and the quest handbook. The reading assignments were simple, the side quests were easy to follow and short. The practice spars got me in shape for the first battles, which were easy enough.
At first, I was unsure of how the practice spars worked, as a pixie (pop-up) warned me to proceed at my own risk because the Wizard had not yet instructed me in that area. I asked him via cyber scroll what I should do, but received no answer. I suppose that was part of the adventure of the quest- learning and teaching yourself. The reading assignments covered the process of becoming a responsible citizen, promoting liberty and self-government, and federalism: forging a nation.
The second challenge took place in the Quicksand of Surprise. Due to cyber issues on my end (our internet went out for a few days) thus I had to relocate for a few hours. When I began the first practice spar, I was surprised by the length of it, as it was much longer than the ones I had previously completed. Having completed the spars, the length of the battles was not as unexpected. The reading assignments covered civil liberties and equal rights. I began to become comfortable with the quest.
The third challenge took place in the Desert of Destruction.  The Wizard alerted me and my fellow adventurers of an unexpected attack on the camp and to refrain from continuing the quest until he could take care of it (the module #3 malfunction). Thus we only had one week to complete the challenge that was to be done in two weeks. Again, the lengths of the practice spars and the battles were much longer than the first challenge. I’m beginning to think that they are that length in anticipation of the final battle in which we each slay a dragon. The reading assignments covered balancing national goals and local interests, the presidency: leading the nation, administering the government, and applying the law. In addition, there was a very important, though short, battle (the pre-test) in preparation for the next battle of great importance (the post-test).
The fourth challenge was located on the Cliffs of Insanity. Why that specific place? Because that part of the quest had five reading assignments, five practice spars and five battles all in the space of two weeks! Of course, they were not impossible, though I had to set aside more time to complete the challenge. I was glad that there were no attacks on the camp this time, though a few of my fellow adventurers experienced weapon malfunctions during the spars (the questions not working). The reading covered public opinion, political participation, political parties, interest groups, and communicating political images. Though long and time-consuming, most of the information was familiar, thus the challenge was not as difficult as it could have been if I had not heard it before.
The final challenge took place in the Forest of Tranquility. The reading assignments, spars, and battles subsided back to the length of those from the first challenge, though in addition to these, there was also an important battle (the post-test), as well as the battle in which the dragon is slain, all to be completed in a week and a half rather than the customary two weeks. I see now that the spars and battles were shorter in order to give us time to complete the last important battle and to slay the dragon. The information was very familiar to me, as I had completed a quest related specifically to that which was covered in the reading assignments earlier this year. Those topics being: economic and environmental policy, welfare and education policy, and foreign policy.
At last, the dragon slaying was required. My fellow adventurers and I were each told by the Wizard to construct a sword. One such that would be long enough and strong enough to slay a dragon. One that would hold all that we had learned throughout the quest, all our experiences, and all the knowledge we had gathered from the Wizard.
After much contemplation (and listening to music, because music helps with everything) and, I hate to admit, procrastination, I have forged my sword. The strong, albeit plain, hilt (the first page of what you read now), the fanciful body (from the second page until now), and finally the sharp point (what you will read at the end).
Several hours I have toiled with this sword. I only hope that the Wizard is pleased with it and will

allow me to slay the dragon with it (complete the course). 

To sum up, I learned patience, how to figure out Canvas and the online textbook, how to work with the material, how to teach myself government, how to complete assignments in a timely manner, how to drop issues that aren’t of great importance, how to work around unexpected happenings, and how to relate all this to a quest. 

Ehh, could have probably done a little better, but it was almost 10pm and I was starting to get a headache. I got a 90/100 though, so I guess the professor liked it well enough. 

I get to see my final grade for Public Speaking on Saturday, fingers crossed it stays in the 90's, it's at 93.86% right now, but the professor still has three things to grade. 

How's your August been so far?


  1. I love the ingenuity of your essay! No wonder why you got a high grade!

    xoxo Morning

  2. WOW! That sounds pretty crazy. I am kind of dreading the point in my life where I start submitting essays.

    I tagged you in the Music Tag! :)

    1. Yeah. I find that when I have to write an essay, I usually do my best work all in one sitting.



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