Ding Dong The Cluck is Gone

Darth Cluck, as Christian has been calling him, croaked his last this morning. Christian had just set down the freshly-filled water bucket, when the rooster went for his face. Christian managed to block him with his hand, but still got a cut across his index finger.

He promptly marched inside (after doing whatever else he needed to do) and declared that that was the last straw.

Mom and Dad briefly discussed whether or not we really wanted the meat before asking Grandfather to dispose of him. Dad didn't want the meat, so Grandfather went out and peppered Darth Cluck with birdshot.

He was a beautiful bird on the outside, but his attitude was horrid on the inside.

I won't get to make a chicken pot pie out of him, but I'm positive it would have tasted amazing.

It's nice not having to watch my back anymore when I go down to put them up for the night.

Although it was an eggcellent (pun intended) exercise of reflexes and predicting, it was getting rather rough, and it was time for him to stop scarring us (he gave Gabe one, and I have a faint one from the time before last he spurred me, and I'm positive my foot is going to have one).

Also, I can stop singing Do You Hear the People Sing? while valiantly making sure there are several hens between Darth Cluck and my boots.


  1. Do you hear the chickens sing?
    Singing the song of fear of Cluck,
    It is the music of a species that will
    Not leave their strength to luck!
    When they fight against that crow,
    For all his mean and angry ways,
    They will be happy if they win
    For the rest of their days!

    (Yes, I do know that it's not very good.)

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely. He let his fear of the other rooster turn to anger and hate, which eventually turned to suffering when he died.

  3. Darth Cluck!! That's a good one!! 8 years ago we had a Barred Rock rooster named Barney (The Flintstones) who was like Darth Cluck. The last straw was when he attacked my (at the time) 3 year old brother Shorty. He was promptly butchered and turned into Egg Rolls. Since that day, Shorty very much dislikes eating chicken.

  4. I must say, that is a magnificent picture of him <3 absolutely breathtaking with the sunrise (or sunset?) in the background. Reminds me of a rooster that my grandparents had when I was a little boy. Good times. By the way, your GFC follow button does not seem to be working (I have tried twice with no avail and keep getting an error message). I shall follow via email :)

    1. Thank you! It's the sunset, but closer to the start, so I guess it does look very similar to a sunrise.

      I'm so sorry about that! It seems to work for other people, but somebody else said it wouldn't work for them either. :/

      Thanks for the follow!


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