The Bookshelf Tag

Ok, so a while ago Mironiel Blokzyl made a bookshelf tag, and tagged anyone who wanted to do it, so, naturally, I stole it decided to do it. :)

But, seeing as how I was on vacation when she posted it, and away from most of my precious books, I had to wait until I returned.

Anyways, I'm positive the only rules are to answer the questions, and tag people.

Let the tag commence!

1) How do you rearrange your bookshelf?
There was a time when I didn't even have my own shelf, I shared with Lydia, so she did the organizing. Then, I got a huge tall bookshelf, that was rather wobbly. I thing I filled about half of it, and used the other half for desk storage, since I didn't (and still don't) have a desk. I moved rooms a couple of times, and now I have a different bookshelf (that is still huge).

I had a faze where I wanted everything by series and height. Now it's just what looks nice and interesting. When I get more books, I may try to organize by color.

2) What decorations do you keep on your shelf?
At the moment I have several things besides books on my shelf. Some pictures should give you the general idea.

3) What's the smallest book you own?(i.e: Page count)

77 pages
4) What's the largest book you own(i.e: Page count)

5) What's your oldest book(i.e when it was printed)

6) What's your newest book?

7) Favorite book?

Really fun to just curl up, and look at all the pictures.

8) Favorite cover?
It's a fabric-y and fun to stroke.
9) What genre do you own the most of?
Historical fiction, most likely. But I also really like fantasy.

I tag those of you who drank tea today.

On that note, I'm off to go drink my tea that's been brewing since noon. :/


  1. too bad I haven't a blog yet or this tag would fit me every day of my life. tea is a staple. morning, night, anytime. especially now with the fallish weather. and... I don't technically have my own bookshelf. I like to decorate others though! :D

    1. Well, the greatest thing about tags, is that whoever wants to can post their answers in the comments! Decorating them with little knick knacks is fun!

    2. Urg, forgot I was logged into Lydia's account! XD

    3. lol Chloe.... I was SO wondering - why on earth would Lydia be answering my comment on CHLOE'S blog???

    4. Funny how things like that work XD

    5. now I know not to confuse Chloe with emails and comments at the same time. haha! to many things to multitask... right? + websites. oh dear it's a bit much at once. but I do it all the time.... do you?!

    6. Haha, well, I was waiting for Dad to come out of his room, then you commented, and I completely forgot who I was logged in as. Yes, sometimes I don't think I should try multitasking too often. :D

  2. I feel like Lord of the Rings is a must in any bookshelf.

  3. I have yet to do this post. :) It's sitting at the bottom of my dusty drafts. :( Your bookshelf looks like mine with all of the sweet nick-nack objects! :D So sweet!


    1. It's a fun tag, definitely finish it! Well, one must put them somewhere. :)

  4. Five Little Peppers and How They Grew was a fun book. Actually I just re-read parts of it today!

    That horse book!!! You have a copy too!! I LOVE looking at it!!!!

    1. I think I may have read part of it, but then I dropped it for some reason.

      Yes! My grandparents gave it to me years ago, but I still am not tired of it! :)

  5. I loved Five Little Peppers and How They Grew!

  6. Five Little Peppers and How they Grew... Wow, that is a throwback to yesteryears.

  7. I love looking at other people's bookcases!

    1. I know! It's so satisfying to see how other people arrange them. :)

  8. Fun!:D I really like that stone with the "All things new". T'is pretty:)

    1. Thanks, a very dear friend painted it for me. :)


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