Pre-tournament stress







*internal screams* *flails arms* *goes into hyper-freak-out-ation* 

*calmly and peacefully completes math lesson*

Last week, I planned out what I was going to do today. 


1. Take deep breaths- check
2. Drink tea- check (also had some coffee)
3. Listen to music- check
4. Read- does a blogpost count?
5. Go to bed early- well, I am quite obviously awake at the moment, however, I shall endeavor to go to bed at a reasonable hour
6. Laugh hysterically at nothing- I've snorted a couple times
7. Try not to cry- Lydia and I went to go see God's Not Dead 2, but a couple tears slipped out. I haven't cried about the tournament yet though

Normal things:

1. Complete math lesson- check
2. Grade Christian's math- check
3. Put the chickens up for the night- check
4. Kitchen clean-up- check
5. Tourney prep (i.e. pack bag, set alarm for insanely early hour, stress, check for new evidence, etc)- not yet
6. Straighten hair- not yet. It always looks best after I've slept on it, hence the reason I'm doing it today instead of tomorrow
7. Make lunch- check
8. Clean the chicken coop- oh yes, and it was about a month over-due too

It's a two day tournament, so both Friday and Saturday. It'll be debate only this time, so Christian and I will be able to watch at least some of the other types of debate (fingers crossed, I may just read or listen to music). We'll have four rounds tomorrow, and two on Saturday. We probably won't make it to church on time, as finals will be announced at or just after 6 in the evening, and church starts at 6. We would really hate to be on the highway going to church, then be called back to finals (an unlikely occurrence, but such things have happened before). 

It will also be a smaller tourney. I heard that there were going to be either 16 or 18 team policy teams- much smaller than Irving, where there were at least 30 teams, not including speech only competitors and Lincoln-Douglas debaters.

The most daunting thing to me is debating four rounds in one day. I've only ever done three at the most, and even that was difficult. Also, there's this one team who has a case that we were only able to find this much evidence against. And that was our entire TP club researching for over an hour. We could run logical arguments against them, as what they are proposing is already set in place, and they would only be indirectly affecting trade with Asia, which is supposed to be the main focus.

I really should be getting ready for tomorrow. But what am I doing? 



Because I'm stressed.

And when I get stressed, I am prone to do crazy/weird/silly things.

If I remember correctly, the day before we competed in Irving, I drank 24 cups of tea. 

On the drive to the ill-fated Tyler tourney, I sat in the very back of our truck, which only has maybe 6 inches of legroom, for no reason besides the fact that I wanted to nap on the way there.

That is why Lydia and I asked Mom if we could go see God's Not Dead 2 to distract me from stressing out. It was a good idea, however, I am now stressing out. 

Eventually, I'll just get so stressed that I'll essentially forget that I'm stressing and behave as if I know exactly what I'm doing. Whiiiiiiicccchhh I'm really hoping happens soon, because I need sleep tonight, and I really need to at least act calm, cool, and collected while competing. 

The end.


  1. Ah stress. What a dreadful thing. I'll pray for you and your team! Good luck! ;)


    Like literally, my States Tournament is on Saturday (same as your tournament)...logged onto Blogger to (okay, I'll admit it) procrastinate. And DANG Pre-Tournament Stress is RIGHT, girl! XD

    Okey--I'm hyped up. And really excited for the tournament. But also really nervous. If we win this tournament, we get to go to Wisconsin for Nationals. It's also my first year "carrying" one of the events, mainly solo. (Usually I've been the weaker partner...but not this time).

    " *internal screams* *flails arms* *goes into hyper-freak-out-ation*" I've been screaming into my pillow every night for the past 3 or so days, because of excitement and of stress.

    "*calmly and peacefully completes math lesson*"...guess who hasn't done a single math problem in like 3 weeks? *hangs head* XD

    And yes, indeed, somebody's procrastinating because of stress. (Candy Crush may also be a factor in increasing stress while "decreasing" stress.

    But anyways. I shall end this long comment (long because I was procrastinating...why else?!)

    I shall definitely be praying for y'all as you compete!

    Man, am I excited. And scared. And nervous. And keyed up.

    1. Wow! Like, howmany times does something like that even happen? :D

      Good luck! The best advice I've ever been given is this: "slow down, calm down, it's all gonna be ok."

      Oh goodness! I don't think I've ever been that freaked out, however there is still plenty of time for such a thing to occur.

      Hehe, that was one of two lessons I completed that week. Normally I try for more, but hey, it was a busy week. :)

      Thanks girl! :)

  3. Chloe, you have impeccable taste with gifs.

    Anyways, I'm sorry to hear you're stressed out! I'm sure everything will go well! (And I totally understand your pain with not being able to find enough evidence. Grrrr)

    1. Haha, thanks! Those were a result of a half-hour procrastination spree.

      Yeah, thankfully we didn't hit that case, otherwise it could have been a very messy round.

  4. That's funny, 'cause I'm at a tournament right now, watching the food network with my mom!! Good luck with your debate!

    1. Wow! Are you competing or just watching? Sounds like fun. Thanks! :)


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