March Quote Queste: Too Early

Ok, so this is my Quote Queste entry, or whatever you call it. It's a bit late, but hey, it's still March. Quote Queste was started by Miss Melody Muffin

The rules for the game can be found HERE
The prompt for this month: "It's too early in the day for killing princes."

The story:

“Why are we doing this again?” “Because we were paid to. Besides, we need money to eat and we need to eat to live.” “Just checking.” 

Riyana crouched down in the alleyway, her little sister, Akinya beside her.

“What time is it?” “I do not know. How many times must I tell you that I am not a clock, Akinya?” “Whatever time it is, it is too early in the day for killing princes.” “When we get paid to do a job, we do not get to decide what time it gets done. Come, we must go.” 

Riyana slowly crept out of the city, Akinya followed. The castle stood up on a hill, surrounded by a wall. The sky in the East was still dark. Good, we still have plenty of time. She wove her way around boulders and small trees. A twig cracked. Riyana spun around. Akinya looked up, apologetically. 

“Goheno nin, muinthel.”(Forgive me, sister) “Why do you use the elvish?” “Should I not?” “It would not be wise. Hurry now.” 

I forgive you sister, but you should not be so clumsy. They were close to the wall now. Riyana waited, and watched the guards. She counted the seconds when their backs were both turned. Five seconds. It will be risky, but I think we can make it. 

“Quickly now, I will run first. Do not follow until their backs are turned again. Do you understand me, Akinya?” “Yes. Sister be careful.”

Do you really think that I won’t be? If I mess this up, it could put us both in prison….again… Or worse... She hit the wall with a soft thud. She saw the shadows of the guards turn back around. Just in time. The moon is out! This has just gotten a bit harder. The following seconds seemed to take hours. Akinya wisely waited until the moon had disappeared behind a cloud again. The two sisters edged along the wall until they reached a small door. Must lead to the kitchen. Perfect. Riyana tried the door. Locked. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. She unsheathed her narrow dagger and tried picking the lock. It didn’t budge. Next idea? 

“Riyana, I think we can get in, if I just pull out these pins in the hinges.” “Shush! Excellent idea.”

Why didn’t I think of that? Am I really that slow? Two minutes later, the girls were in the castle kitchen. Surrounded by sleeping bodies. 

“What now?” “If we are to look like maids, we must get different clothes. Ours are too foreign-looking and ragged.” “Where will we get them?” “Must you ask so many questions? There should be a clothes line around here somewhere.” 

But, the question is, where? Let’s see.... Think girl! Riyana wound her way between the sleeping figures to the door which led to the courtyard. Luck was with them, a washing must have been hung out that evening. She searched through the clothes until she found the necessary items of clothing. 

“Put this on.”

Riyana tossed a dress, apron, and cap to Akinya.

“It’s a bit small.” “Do you see me complaining?”

It was true, the clothes were small. But there was no time to look for others. Riyana looked to the East. It was beginning to grow lighter. Not much time left. We still have to find the prince. She tucked her knife under her apron. Hopefully that will not be too noticeable.

“Are you ready now?” 

Riyana nodded.

“And you?” “Yes.”

They hurried across the courtyard and into the keep. It was pitch-black inside. They waited a moment to let their eyes adjust, and then began the search for the prince’s quarters. They climbed many stairs, and walked through several corridors until they found a door marked with the royal insignia. It was alarmingly light in the East. Riyana slowly opened the door. It creaked a bit, but then was silent. The young prince was sprawled out on his bed, snoring. What do you know? Royalties sound like commoners when they sleep. He twitched, rolled over, and moaned in his sleep. It’s a shame, killing a prince. Cute little chap. We were paid to start a war though, and this was the big man’s only idea. 

She walked softly into the room. The boy stirred again. She paused, and then pressed on. Akinya quietly followed. Riyana was by his bed now. She slowly pulled out her dagger, and was about to cut the prince’s throat, when he sat up suddenly. 

“Who are you, and why are you holding a knife?”

Riyana was silent. Please, please let him think that I am just a dream or a shadow.

“Why are you here?”


“Answer me! I command you!” “No dhînen!” “I do not understand you.” “Be silent!” “Why should I?” “Because, if you make another sound, I will kill you. Do not call out, or you will pay the penalty.” “What is it you want?” “I said, be silent!” “GUARDS!” “I warned you!”

Sorry old chap. Riyana quickly slit his throat and dropped the dagger on the bed.

“Hurry Akinya, we must go. Now. Surely someone will have heard his cry.” 

The sisters ran from the room, but it was too late. The guards had heard the prince’s call, and were running down the hall. They were caught red-handed. It’s too early!

Riyana and Akinya were led to the gallows the next morning. They hung. As a reminder to all, they were moved from the gallows to the wall, and left in the sight of all who passed. 

It was too early for killing princes. 

Ok, this is definitely not that great of a short story. It was getting long, and I was getting pretty desperate to end it. I had not originally planned to kill everyone, I surprised myself. I couldn't really think of a good and realistic escape plan for the sisters. So yeah, ahem, I don't usually write this morbidly. Although, it was kind of fun.



  1. As long as it's even one minute short of midnight on the last day in March, it's not late. :)

    Wow. Interesting premise- two sisters hired to start a war. The ending is kind of sad, but it's also a good reminder of what can happen when you sign up to deal death. :)

    Thanks for participating, Chloe! I liked reading your scene!

    1. Well, if you put it that way, I didn't do that bad, since I posted it at 8:27pm, that last day in March.

      Yeah, after reading the rules to Quote Queste, I let ideas bounce around in my head for a few days. Then one afternoon I had a few extra hours of time, so I just put what I knew was going to happen down and the rest sorta flowed with it.

      Thanks for starting it! This really helped me start truly writing more. I have so many ideas for stories now!

  2. Great job!

    It is a bit *ahem* "morbid", but it's great! I hope you post other snippets of other stories, as they come to you:D I like your writing style;) The last paragraph as, as Miss Melody said, sad, but it was really well-written:D And I like that you didn't make them escape just to give a "happy" ending.


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